So, How Was That Exam?

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Bwog’s Data Structures Expert Brian Wagner put together these flow charts for your delectation. He basically figured out whether or not you are going to fail your classes. Finals may or may not be over, but either way, don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched!

Click the links below each image for a full-size version.

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  1. As an econ major  

    wholeheartedly agree

  2. SEAS'13  

    I love Brian Wagner

  3. Anonymous

    Why do assorted humanities majors have to go to Campo?

  4. Seriously  

    The best Senior Wisdom yet!

    ...oh. My bad.

  5. Anonymous

    Hahaha infinite loop. Clever.

  6. LOL  

    love the exit strategy (or lack thereof)

  7. Anonymous  

    Interesting, but this makes no sense for many math classes! Why would having a calculator affect your score on an analysis or algebra final!?

  8. this is

    genius. thanks for the laugh!

  9. Anonymous  

    uh do you know what data structures ACTUALLY ARE. (excuse my finals angst, thanks.)

  10. Anonymous

    I really appreciate the sarcastic comments about Marxism and anti-Imperialism in the "Other" flow chart. Thanks for that. (...To be perfectly clear this comment is not sarcastic.)

  11. Math Major  

    If you spelled "ascot" incorrectly, as it is spelled in the English/Language flowchart, then you should get an automatic fail.

    Ironic, isn't it?

    Also, I haven't touched a calculator for a math class in years. This is not due to any particular prowess in arithmetic, simply that all my numbers got replaced by Greek letters (except maybe 0 and 1).

    • Sigh  

      1. You're way behind the times. Ascots went out of fashion years ago. All the cool kids wear ascotts now.

      2. Despite your attempt at using it, do you actually understand irony? No one past like Gen Chem uses a calculator on a test, and I'm pretty sure Bwog knows that.

  12. yo  

    Brian Wagner, you are the funniest. Write more stuff

  13. SEAS  

    What did you use to make the flow chart? Need to model some stuff...

  14. Anonymous  


  15. Anonymous  

    LOL. The Anthro one is golden. So true. Laughed out loud on multiple occasions.

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