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Happily trudging along through your finals, thinking you’re a hotshot? (Don’t answer; that was rhetorical.) You may be a whiz in your own classes, but how well do you know others? We’ve compiled a bunch of inane slides and textbook quotes from an assortment of classes—can you guess which ones? Click below to start, and it’s easy to play: just guess what class you think the slide or quote comes from. If you have any other ridiculous slides or quotes, send ’em off to [email protected] and we’ll add them!

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  1. Anonymous  

    5/10... not too shabby

  2. Really?  


    Well, damn. This does not bode well for my finals.

  3. Anonymous

    4/10....slightly higher than I will achieve on my final tomorrow. AYFKMWTS?

  4. Anonymous  

    I missed the two slides from Rise of Civ..and I just took that class. damn

  5. C'MON  

    Bwog, the last thing I need right now is to fucking fail at a fun procrastinating. Why can't I just guess with out being demoralized?

  6. ...  

    ahh yes... gallego's "happy little bob ross birds of skipped derivation"

    such a fun class... with the paint by numbers coloring textbook and happy fun reassuring lectures... and in the end all he expects are photorealistic oil paintings.

  7. i got soo lucky

    that there weren't any other posts under the tag Games on Bwog...

  8. What do you call

    a professor who gives a mindlessly difficult exam without a curve?

    A classhole!

  9. Anonymous  

    Sunil Gulati

  10. 10/10

    hellz yeah
    If only I did this well on Gulati's exams...

  11. 3/10  

    I got 3/10 and one of the slides was actually from a class I took this semester (fundamentals of computer systems) but it makes sense it was included because DAVID HU was also in that class. hi david.

  12. on another note  

    can Bwog please do a story about how horrendously unfunny The Jester is? The pages look like they've been laid out in Microsoft Word and the content is about the same quality as those weed-induced essays I'd write in high school. This is where our tuition money goes?

    • Anonymous  

      hope this doesn't sound like i'm a contributor to the federalist. i just got this slipped under my door, and was aghast at how unfunny some of our peers are. i don't like the federalist THAT MUCH, but at least their content is original, relevant and EDITED

    • additional fail  

      I was going to defend the Jester based on the issue on their website, but it turns out that issue is from 2007.

    • Jest a fan  

      I've laughed more reading the Jester than I've laughed reading the fed... Most of the articles aren't that great, but the occasional gem makes up for it. I still laugh thinking at the 5 year old Thoreau article that was in the Green issue.

  13. Nate  

    5/10 not bad... at least I still recognized D'Altroy's slides from Rise of Civ... surprised they didn't include the phallic pottery slides in this quiz...

    Also, this site reminded me of another awesome procrastinating tool: Sporcle!! lol

  14. Hooah  

    4/10. But really I just want to say: Bwog, you're doing phenomenally this finals period. Great work! And thank you.

  15. Anonymous  

    this is depressing.....

  16. grades  

    When do they start posting them to SSOL? In real time, or is there some date after which the ones already submitted are shown? Thanks

  17. bwog

    this is truly incredible

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