Opium of the Masses

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This is the line outside Häagen-Dazs, as seen from McBain by tipster Maricela Gonzalez. They are giving away free scoops until 8. If you join now maybe you can get some before they close!

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  1. Mustafa  

    God I love ice cream

  2. So good  

    The line moves pretty quick!

  3. C'mon bwog

    "Opiate" not opium

  4. Anonymous  

    aww you're no fun :(

  5. Anonymous

    actually that is the unemployment line for the class of 2011' don't get your hopes up there is no free ice cream :( just food stamps

  6. English Major  

    Best tag of all time. Wallace Stevens FTW.

  7. Maricela Gonzalez  

    Ummmmm my name is Maricela not Marcia from the Brady Bunch

  8. Maricela  

    Ummmmm my name is Maricela not Marcia from the Brady Bunch :/

  9. Anonymous  

    the line is ridic. I would never wait in line for a free scoop of ice cream. Def not worth my time.

  10. Mmm ice cream  

    I took a look at the line, turned around, walked to Morton Williams, and bought myself a box of 3 Haagen Dazs bars for $5. Yay.

  11. Manuel Stimulacione  

    This line was a basic opportunity cost for me: What's my alternative to standing at 113th and Broadway for thirty minutes? Sitting on Low steps for thirty minutes? Studying in a fluorescent-lit room for thirty minutes? The way I see it is, I'm outside, standing, reading and, miraculously, ice cream comes to me.

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