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Name, School: Brigid Babbish, CC

Claim to fame: I apparently have a “horrific” Michigan accent, but even after years outside of Michigan I still can neither hear nor shake it. I also used to be the sole wind player, but now must settle with sole bassoonist, in the Columbia-Juilliard exchange. I even get to play the contrabassoon when I’m unlucky.

Where are you going? I’m going to Philly to learn how to become the virtuoso bassoonist I have always aspired to be.

Three Things you learned at Columbia:

1. It is important to celebrate birthdays, regardless of the amount of work you may have to do.

2. If you put a box labeled “Valentines” outside of your room, it will magically fill with candy.

3. A lot of anguish can be avoided with a good night’s sleep.

“Back in my day…” Lounge TVs were 13″ boxes with fuzzy signals and not 50″ plasma HD supermachines. And Harmony Hall didn’t exist.

Justify your existence: I have been on NPR. I have also been known to operate locomotives and make maple syrup, but only when necessary.

Is the War on Fun over? Who won? Any war stories?: No. Here’s my story: I am the proud creator of the first giant snowball of winter 2010, but of course it couldn’t have reached its full maturity without the army of people who were strong enough to push it around when it grew to be taller than my accomplice and me. Public safety was afraid that we were going to throw it at someone, even though a large group of people could barely push it. You can see them ruin the joy and happiness at about the 7:00 mark in this video. Their machines could not destroy the snowball, and so they opted to push it (with much trouble) in front of Lerner and cover it in snow. Now that’s a great way to solve a dangerous problem! Other than that, most of my fun went under the radar. I may have formed an army of very brave freshmen to ambush study breaks with nerf guns and steal study break food. I may also be tied to the theft of an industrial sized honey bear named Victor…and other unmentionables beyond the occasional Ferris Booth burrito.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? I have always disliked cheese, which made choosing off of a restaurant menu very easy. It also makes a choice like this easy.

Advice for the Class of 2015:

Bring your older brother’s N64 and Smash Bros to school with you, but don’t let people blame you for their lowered gpa’s…

Try to find a way to go camping with your college friends during a long weekend, it’s bizarre and very revealing to find yourself in nature with people you only associate with NYC (post COÖP).

Do not be that one person in the hall who consistently makes the bathroom nasty…people (me and the rest of the people you live with) will find out who you are (how can you consistently be so gross?!) and think about it whenever they see you.

Take advantage of leaving campus during freshman year before the magnitude of your responsibilities hits you and the very real sophomore slump sets in. Don’t worry! I promise things get better!

Do not let school get in the way of your own goals.

Alone-time is important.

And lastly, New York City is most beautiful from the seat of a bicycle.

Any regrets? Not playing in the fountain on 115th and Morningside enough and not becoming friends with a lot of people from my writing classes. I swear we know waaay too much about each other to not at least say hello in passing.

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  1. awesome  

    Brigid is really cool, great senior wisdom! And a sick bassoonist to boot.

  2. Finn  

    Woo! Brigid is so so nice and was a wonderful RA. Our floor was a great place to live freshman year. Good luck next year!

  3. Furnald 5 '09-'10  

    Brigid rocks! Best RA.

  4. '14  


    also, yay Michigan and Michigan accents!

  5. Go Brigid!  

    so excited to see this as a senior wisdom. Brigid is amazing!

  6. Anonymous

    BRIGID IS AMAZING. Furnald 5 '09-'10 and fellow bassoonist woo! She made my Columbia experience so much better! SO SAD SHE'S LEAVING!!!

  7. yeahhh

    Brigid!!!! She's the coolest and I'm going to miss her :(

  8. v  

    brigid you are AMAZING! we all love you and you're such an inspiration :)

    (cheezy but i don't know how else to put it, sorry)

  9. Anonymous  

    ggaahhh I want to be this girl so badly. love her. just love her.

  10. Anonymous

    I didn't know Brigid was a senior!!! That makes me so sad!!!

  11. SHE LIED!!  

    She's going on the coolest road trip EVER before going to Philly to become a virtuoso.
    that's some bullshit.

    p.s. Brigid is my hero

  12. Anonymous  

    brigid is an incredible person. she's one of those girls with a strong positive personality and not afraid to do what she wants. best of luck brigid, you will do great things.

  13. sonya  


  14. Anonymous  

    You're missing an "h" at the beginning of the link to the youtube video

  15. Streck  

    What a quality bruncher. But don't you get cheese on your Ferris pasta?

  16. EPIC  

    snowball. major props.

  17. Anonymous  

    "Do not be that one person in the hall who consistently makes the bathroom nasty…people (me and the rest of the people you live with) will find out who you are (how can you consistently be so gross?!) and think about it whenever they see you."

    SO TRUE.

  18. I heard...  

    that Brigid once had to stop a raging freight train from destroying a kindergarten filled with innocent children back in '09

  19. Anonymous

    Aww, she seems really cool! Wish I had known her.

  20. Anonymous

    Also, I'd like to know what her shirt says...?

  21. *  

    excellent senior wisdom

  22. Anonymous  

    I hear she keeps a full set of dodge balls and three inflatable sea creatures in her room "just in case". oh yea...and a super soaker that she stole from a child in deleware.

  23. Anonymous

    Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood....
    \And lastly, New York City is most beautiful from the seat of a bicycle.\
    At least I did something right as your shorter, uglier, older sister.
    I'm stoked for your next great adventure.
    Thanks for teaching me about ivy league breakfasts.... we didn't have those in art school.

  24. EL TOPO


  25. EL TOPO



  26. EL TOPO

    is the rest of your life.

  27. i  

    Good luck in philly, we'll miss you!!
    I still gots my nerf and i'm going to name it Brigid


  28. didn't they

    forget some letters in her name or is this actually how you spell it lol

  29. Writing Classes  

    I had a writing class (maybe two?) with Brigid and I deeply regret not getting to know her because she is (a) damn fine (writer).

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