Bwoglines: Patching Things Up Edition

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What your heart will look like in ten years

Look at all the patches

Researchers from Columbia’s Engineering School have created a new method of cell therapy that is capable of “patching” a heart that has suffered from a heart attack and helping to regenerate tissue. It’s kind of like being Wolverine, except with less claws and sideburns. (DailyTech)

Columbia researchers studying the effects of green roofs, such as the one on top of Con Edison’s Long Island City Learning Center, found that they are an effective way of helping repair the city’s environment without carrying the burden of a high cost. There may not be grass on the ground, but at least city planners have found somewhere to put it. (Wikipedia, Queens Courier)

The CUNY faculty union has called for the trustee who opposed Tony Kushner’s honorary degree to step down after the trustee questioned Kushner’s views on Israel earlier in the week. Odds are the trustee is now questioning his own views. (NYTimes)

President Obama is trying to patch up relations with the Muslim world and plans on giving a speech when he travels to Europe later in the month that will argue Al Qaeda no longer stands for Muslim aspirations as seen by the recent slew of pro-democracy movements in the Middle East. It may be too late to patch things up with Bin Laden’s son, though, who is claiming the U.S. murdered his father illegally.

Finally, have these last few nights in Butler got you feeling a little on edge? At least (so far) your fellow classmates haven’t resorted to acting like this. (Gawker)

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  1. update

    Weren't the C5 supposed to be in court yesterday? Anyone have an update?

  2. Anonymous

    In the times article the only person of consequence who weighed in was a $30 million CUNY donor, who stood behind the trustee in question... I think it's highly unlikely that he's "questioning his own views."

    Those of us who stand behind Israel, the only country in the Middle East that respects civil rights and doesn't want to destroy the United States, will not be questioning our views any time soon.

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