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Groupon is offering a deal at Mel’s: two burgers and a 64oz. growler for the price of $19. At the time of posting, 747 people had already purchased the deal-maker. You guys should all go at the same time to this “vintage-inspired” burger joint and make them really grumpy. And for those of you who can’t get enough etiquette guides, Slate takes a look at the propriety (or lack thereof) of paying your share of the check with a Groupon discount.

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  1. Love me a growler  

    Well, I purchased two (one for me and one for a /friend/) and groupon only reports how many coupons were purchased, not how many people bought them

  2. Thanks BWOG!

    Nice call Bwog! Now, just got to go find me a hot date for tomorrow who is also a carnivore.

  3. whack

    bwog you kinda suck once you start advertising for groupon

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