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Name, school: Katie Lupica, CC ‘11

Claim to fame: Previously seen on Bwog as director of The Saint Plays and (Love) Story, PBK inductee, and friend of campus character Phillip Dupree . . . Also part of various other theatrical endeavors (directed The Yellow Boat and in Wordplay 2010; performed in Into the Woods, Xmas 2!, and The Physicists; co-produced this year’s NOMADS’ CARAVAN because I just love acronyms) . . . Am an RA and member of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Where are you going? First home to sunny Arizona (it’s a dry heat but so is an oven). Then directing at NYC Fringe. Then most likely Brooklyn or DC. Or Kentucky.

Three things you learned at Columbia

1) There are few things more miraculous than just being in the same place at the same time with the right assortment of people. I’m trying to commit my life to making this happen in theatres, but I have learned the truth of this statement on the steps, in dorm rooms, over drinks at the Heights, in 9am classes, during late-night food runs, in weekly staff/club meetings, etc., as much as anywhere else.

2) People sometimes let you down. And vice versa. It’s ok.

3) SNOW IS GREAT . . . You can make things out of it! . . . And throw it at people!

“Back in my day…” Breaks from any rehearsal in Lerner meant trying the Tasty D-Lite flavor of the day, movie nights featured cult classics rented from Kim’s, and it was still cool to like Vampire Weekend.

Additionally, I still type “”

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: I would not be where or who I am today without my extraordinary family, friends, and teachers, or the love and mystery of this universe, which I joyfully call God.

Is the War on Fun over? Who won? Any war stories? I’m an RA, so I have many war stories; but the best ones are classified, and I would not consider my job “winning.” I also got written up for playing stickball in my John Jay hallway freshman year and fah-reaked out.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Mac and cheese is basically a food group in my diet.

Advice for the class of 2015

-Resist settling for any definition of who you are, who your friends can be, and what you should be doing with your free time. Take advantage of the many opportunities that challenge you to articulate something you hold core to your being or view of the world – welcome change and be willing to admit the inevitable gaps.

-Bureaucracy sucks; your dreams do not.

-If you’re debating it any given day, just go to class. Do as much of the reading for Lit Hum and CC as you can, although Squashed Philosophers has been a friend of mine. And don’t waste Core requirements on things that don’t actually interest you (I personally recommend Cultural History of Japanese Monsters and East Asian Humanities for major cultures and any dance class for the second half of PE).

-If you are at all interested in theatre, check out NOMADS (shameless plug, but seriously).

-Attend Holi, a basketball game (or another sport but basketball is most convenient), Orchesis, KCST Spring Show, and Midnight Breakfast at least once.

-Don’t feel pressured to go abroad. Consider multiple majors or concentrations. Never assume you know everything about this city or even this campus (go explore!).

-Express gratitude liberally to the many people who make life, happiness, and success possible here, from maintenance staff to your best friends.

Columbia really is amazing. Being on this campus and in this city with all these incredible people around you all the time is like magic. Know that the ups can be ecstatic and the downs can be downright dark, but you will change and grow in ways you can’t predict. I know that sounds really sappy and possibly patronizing, but I was such a snob when I got to this campus about a lot of things – “I know how to write, I know what kind of people I like, this is the finite list of things I am good at and therefore enjoy, musical theatre = oxygen” (yikes) – and only when I let that go did things start getting good.

Any regrets? None big enough to recall.

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  1. Anonymous  


  2. I always wanted to  

    fuck her. ever since freshman year.

  3. pbk inductee  

    really? youre really going to drop that in your senior wisdom? wow...

  4. wait what?  

    when did it stop being cool to like vampire weekend?? damnit!

  5. NOMADS  


  6. Anonymous  

    ok two things

    1) congrats pbk! that's really all you could think of for your lasting legacy at this school? You're a bit of a tool

    2) Class of 2015 GO ABROAD! the only people who tell you not to are people who REGRET IT! to stay in one place for 4 years is to not give yourself to grow learn and truly feel discomfort in the most positive way. New York is great, it will still be here when you get back. You can still double major and concentrate if you plan wisely so DO IT! Don't question it.

    • Rule of thumbs, sweetie  

      If no one vounteered you for SW; no one wants to hear from you on these issues. stfu.

      Decent enough one. A bit long though.

    • Anonymous  

      totes agree. Since when is it "wise" not to want to travel? As if there's actually a lot of pressure to study abroad here ("We live in New York! We have everything! Stay here forever!")...please.

  7. Anonymous  

    the PBK was pretty toolish - but i'll forgive her on the basis that she appears to be relatively attractive here

  8. Anonymous  

    kaykins.. you're a rockstar.

  9. Anonymous  

    Katie Lupica & Yellow Boat.

  10. Bureaucracy sucks; your dreams do not.  

    Amen, sister

  11. Anonymous  

    Someone should change one of the five C's of Arizona to a K for Katie Lupica.

    -The Real Arizonan Commenter haha

  12. Anonymous

    Yay Katie! I love this girl!

    • Anonymous  

      It's an honors society for the people with the top GPA. She hardly mentioned it and a bunch of (jealous) assholes are flipping as if she wrote her whole SW like a resume. Get over it, guys. Katie Lupica is awesome!

  13. CC'13  

    SUCH a nice girl, seriously. i didn't get to knowherknowher, which is a big regret, but i have always been struck by just how kind and friendly she is. Don't get that enough around here. Good luck to you, Katie!

  14. huh?  

    I don't know what you guys are thinking, spending way to much time wondering whether talking about her PKB was a classless move. Sure it could have been done with a bit more taste, but that is not the point of what is going on. This is a really good Senior Wisdom.
    Like Really Good.
    Good enough to make me reconsider going abroad and picking up that second concentration. And it was a funny SW. So I think that is all that should be said.

  15. YAY KATIE  

    you are my favorite. Empathy hilarity wisdom sass. :D Also yay for this: "welcome change and be willing to admit the inevitable gaps".

  16. Ahhh!  

    I'm so happy to see her wisdom. This girl is a breath of fresh air whenever I see her.

  17. Claremont '10

    Katie is an unbelievably talented and incredibly sweet person, and, most importantly, the greatest RA this campus will ever see!

  18. Shit  

    Musical theatre doesn't = oxygen?

  19. Not So Secret Admirer  

    Katie is one of the most amazing people I've had the pleasure of knowing here at Columbia. Wonderful SW Katie! You're amazing and never forget it!

  20. SNOPANDA!!!!!!  


  21. wow  

    what arrogance...

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