Off To A Better Place

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Likely a consequence of Operation Ivy League and the subsequent revocation of certain fraternities’ housing, Psi U’s owl was removed today. A tipster caught the last moments of the owl, which stoically sat over the house’s door. We’ll remember you, friend.

The iconic Psi U owl exits.

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  1. Anonymous

    Ionic? I think you mean iconic, Bwog. Also, where's Mike Pushpak's senior wisdom?

  2. nobody cares

    go write about the partycrashers again.

  3. actually

    that's one of the members of psi u. not exactly war on fun.

  4. Anonymous

    Oh, no, where's he going?

  5. Noah pryor

    That was me - president of psi u. The owl will be moving to 121 lasalle until we reclaim the house.

  6. I'm not in psi u

    and ive only been there twice, but that owl leaving makes me sad as fuck

  7. Van Owen

    It's a sad day.

  8. Anonymous


    you're the man.

    May a disproportionate amount of good-looking poon flow in your direction.

  9. .

    you cover this but you don't cover cc and bc graduation ceremonies

  10. yeah

    from a brother from another fraternity--this is a sad day. sorry guys.

  11. Psi U Alum

    Psi U will return! Go Noah!
    - Lemmiwinks

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