A Fountain Worth Playing In

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The late John W. Kluge, CC ’37, generously donated to Columbia. By generously we mean he doled out more than $500 million to Columbia over the course of his life. Once the richest man in America, Kluge made a ridiculous amount of money, and gave most of it away. But the TV mogul kept some cash to purchase fancy coastal real estate.

As part of his donation, he left one such property, the paradoxically named Casa Sin Nombre, to Columbia, and the University has just put the compound on the market for $59 million. Although Kluge nobly stipulated that the proceeds from the property’s sale were to be earmarked for scholarship students, we can’t help but wish Columbia had decided to keep it—what a luxurious “study-abroad” option.

Puttin' Low to shame.

Image via The Wall Street Journal

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  1. Fountain

    looks like a penis.

  2. What nut job  

    in this crummy housing market would shell out $59 million dollars for a home in Palm Beach? You can probably get a house just as nice in Tampa for $500,000.

  3. Anonymous

    god. more posts please bwog. i keep hitting you in my shortcuts, expecting to be entertained but find a post a day IF THAT.

    pretty please?

    oh, did I mention I just graduated?

  4. cc '08

    Since when is Florida a possibility for study abroad?



  6. Does McBain have penis-shaped fountains?  

    Yeah, didn't think so.

  7. Anonymous

    Just looks like Stanford...

  8. Anonymous  

    sorry, im also in summer mode

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