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A friendly reminder that you can register for fall classes for a week from today through June 24! Ideally, in mid-June not everyone is sitting at their computer desperately trying to get into Music Hum, so pounce on that place now. Are we having fun yet?

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  1. Anonymous

    but but but...i graduated!


  2. culpa

    y u always down at most important times

  3. Anonymous  

    noooooooooooooo why is culpa down???

  4. CULPA

    So sorry---I totally forgot about the extra registration period. We're back now.

  5. CC'13

    YAAAAAAAY i got my sectionnnn

  6. are we having fun yet?

    I love to party down with tabs open to the directory, ssol, and culpa during my summer break.

  7. uh

    bwog I feel you missed a golden opportunity for some Kanye-related punnery here. but okay, I'll listen to your Jay-Z video anyway

  8. Anonymous

    does anyone want to trade their MW 10:35 Music Hum for my TT 6:10?

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