Arrivederci, Campo! Ciao, Il Cibreo!

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Update: We at Bwog have written something of a Campo eulogy, so pour out some crappy beer in honor of our dearly departed and remember what once was:
When a new restaurant called Campo first arrived in our humble Morningside Heights, we called it the “New Pertutti” and complained its Italian food was mediocre. Soon, though, it became a Friday night staple—at least when we were freshmen. It slowly adapted to Columbia culture, accepting flex, supporting its best customers, and even opening a new restaurant on campus! In return, we wrote a song about it, made it into a trading card, and brought our parents there. But the good times didn’t last. Campo was raided by the police, lost its beloved nightlife manager Campo Mike, and has now gone to that great big college town in the sky. Arrivederci, Campo. We may have forgotten every night we spent at you, but we will never forget you.

It’s the end of an era. Six months after Campo Mike left for “different opportunities,” taking Campo’s nightlife (and all your unfortunate freshman year decisions) with him, the restaurant will transform yet again.

Ryan Skeen, “the original pop-up chef” is moving into 2888 Broadway and setting up Il Cibreo. It aspires to be a “rustic Italian trattoria.” Victim of those aspirations, Campo will shut its doors after Sunday dinner, and Il Cibreo will open on Wednesday.

Anyways, Skeen’s sorta a hot shot, or at least source of some controversy. What’s the difference in these dark days?

Bottom line, if you’re still hungering for middling Italian fare, get to Campo by Sunday. After Wednesday, maybe (y)our big dreams of fancy Italian food will be realized.

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  1. Oh Campo

    how you preyed on freshman that used CUIDs as a driver license, how I will never miss you.

  2. boh

    omg you guys lets go downtown to campo!!

  3. Drop the ".9"...

    it's cleaner.

  4. geez

    ...pertutti, campo, now this? every class gets their own middling italian restaurant to call their own.

  5. I LOVE

    the new restaurant title: "Il cibreo." It refers to the Florentine dish which Caterina de' Medici unsuccessfully exported to France (they preferred her yummy canard à l'orange and onion soup). According to Wiki Italia, the queen consort had such a gluttonous appetite for "cibreo" that she suffered "una pericolosissima indigestione" or "severe indigestion."

    I suppose Ryan Skeen regards himself as a modern-day Caterina de' Medici, importing an exotic culinary fare to the Upper West Side...okay that's stretching it, but magari, hopefully Il cibreo will serve more tasty dishes (and stronger drinks) than its predecessor Campo. That grilled tuna panino does sound divine...

    • Or

      Perhaps it's just a cheap one-off of one of the best known restaurant in Florence. With an extra dose of conceit by throwing in an unnecessary article at the beginning. You know, rather than naming it after a dish filled with offal, which is curiously absent from this 'rustic Italian' restaurant's menu. But, hey...I'm just a cynic.

      Also, the drinks at Campo were actually fairly decent, depending on the menu. They introduced me to a Corpse Reviver #2, and Michelle made one of the best Negronis I've had state-side. The French 75s were consistently fine. If you're concerned about the "strength" of your cocktail, then it'd probably be prudent to stick with drinks with no fudge room on the alcohol content. But, hey...I'm just a lush.

      • Hahaha

        But hey...I'm just a romantic. I could only dream Skeen's inspiration were Caterina de' Medici. But let's face it, we're in MoHo...

        And thanks for the tip. Instead of vodka infused drinks, I'll stick with a shot of plain ol' Italian firewater. I can feel the burn!

  6. CC'13

    as long as there's still half priced wine on mondays

  7. Anonymous

    It really took you three times through to get that?

  8. Who

    gives a fuck about any restaurant that has ever occupied that space. None of this compares to the loss of the 'Stend and Nachos.

  9. JD

    pour some out for one's homies :/

  10. Campo Michael

    friended me on Linkedin! And he is the new manager of the Momofuku restaurants!

  11. . . .

    TOBACCO onions?! (Look under "Large Plates")

  12. Anonymous  

    ate there yesterday. the only way i could tell it wasn't campo is i think campo brought you some stale bread, and we were bread-less. the food was just as bad.

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