Carlos J. Alonso Steps Up As Dean of GSAS

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More boring-but-sorta-important administration news: PrezBo just sent word that Carlos J. Alonso, interim dean of GSAS since last September, will take on that position full time. Full email from ‘Bo below.

Also, apparently, “Arts and Sciences always have been, and remain, central to our academic calling of pursuing answers.” So there’s that.

Dear Fellow Members of the Columbia Community:

I am very pleased to announce that Carlos J. Alonso will assume the duties of Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences on a permanent basis, a position he has filled admirably as interim dean since September of last year. In that role, Carlos has demonstrated sensitivity to a range of academic concerns and a determination to advance our institutional goals. His continuing leadership will be extremely valuable in building on Columbia’s great legacy of graduate education.

Carlos has helped lead Columbia in a variety of academic and administrative capacities since arriving here from the University of Pennsylvania in 2005. As chair of the department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures, he succeeded in elevating that department to the top ranks among its peers nationally.

For as long as Columbia has been recognized for its academic excellence, our reputation has been due first and foremost to the quality of our accomplished faculty. The Arts and Sciences always have been, and remain, central to our academic calling of pursuing answers to important questions and then leaving to subsequent generations the gift of new knowledge and insight. With the benefit of Carlos’s stewardship, we can be confident that these proud Columbia traditions will continue. I also must recognize and thank Nick Dirks, Executive Vice President for the Arts and Sciences and Dean of the Faculty, for guiding us through this transition and leading the search committee for the new dean.

Please join me in congratulating Carlos Alonso and wishing him success as Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.


Lee C. Bollinger

Image via columbia.edu.

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  1. Anonymous

    Cool story bro

  2. EN '15

    "Arts and Sciences always have been, and remain, central to our academic calling of pursuing answers."

    LOL you writers would say that. Have fun finding a job

  3. guey

    CARLOS big ups latin man

  4. Alum

    Does anyone know why Henry Pinkham isn't the GSAS dean anymore? Was he fired? If so, why? There was no advance word he would step down before the acting dean was appointed last fall, so I infer that it wasn't his decision. But I haven't seen any reporting about his departure.

  5. ...  

    this would be way more interesting if it also included an announcement that columbia was closing up shop, holding a firesale and returning funds to donors.

  6. unrelated...

    Has anyone heard back from consent is sexy about being an NSOP educator? I'm beginning to wonder if they even got my form...

  7. more unrelated

    What Bwog? Nothing on gay marriage?

  8. Dear Bwog,

    If you must preface your article with "More boring-but-sorta-important administration news," please don't report it. Especially when everyone in the Columbia community literally received the e-mail that you copied and pasted here. This is obviously not newsworthy -- take the summer off and go do something fun, Bwog! Stop trying to produce articles for the sake of producing articles. You're losing credibility with your readers, not maintaining your reader base by continuing to post inane stories.

    Bored Reader

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