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1020 groupies rejoice! That booth where you had one too many tinisĀ is now famous. The latest prep school misfits movie, The Art of Getting By, stars Emma Roberts (the one from Aquamarine—which maybe made you tear up that one time) and the Wes Anderson look-alike from theĀ trippy version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Isn’t it terrifying when kids in children’s movies get old?


Anywho, The Art of Getting By looks kinda sucky. But fast forward the trailer to 1:47 and check out where the happy couple is spinning?! Our very own 1020. Fact: this could not happen in real life because Emma Roberts’ pretty little head would be impaled by a dart.

AndĀ you may recall thatĀ Will Ferrell once freeze-frame peed in our favorite haunt. Basically 1020 is universally acknowledged as a dive bar. We’re weirdly proud.

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  1. 10twizzy

    Is the type of name Tom Haverford would give 1020

  2. WHY

    Why do they keep putting Tom's in the background of garbage film and tv. It's only encouraging them. At this rate, they're never getting a credit card or flex machine.

  3. confused

    Is my perception of age all wrong, or was that movie populated by 15 year-old-people doing 26-year-old-people things?

    • idk  

      It seemed more typical high school/teen drama to me. Pretty sure 26 year olds don't go to school and spend tons of times wondering if they should ask out their classmate.

      That said, it looks like a cute movie.

  4. ...  

    are you surrrrrrrrrre it's 1020? the edgebanding on the bar does not look right...

  5. Wow.  

    You guys REALLY like "time the subtle thief of youth" as a tag, don't you?

  6. bwog

    where is the continuation to the electric toothbrush story? get your act together!

  7. Anonymous  


  8. omg

    y duz this movie take place e verything in mside

  9. Anonymous  

    travel channel filmed there yesterday. doing a show on dive bars. let's hope the drinks stay cheap.

  10. 1020's greatest customer

    I <3 TIM

  11. oy!

    emma roberts! almost as great as emma watson. though i'd still rather take the later.

  12. wow  

    I remember seeing emma roberts in "unfabulous," a typical teen dramedy on nickelodeon that was on like 10 years ago. she really hasn't changed that much!

  13. Anonymous  

    No bed bugs in the trailer?? Doesnt seem accurate without them

  14. Mikey

    That's definitely 1020. And no one ever gets impaled by darts, or even poked for that matter.

  15. Anonymous

    wow they made 1020 not look like complete shit. impressive.

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