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In 1951, Columbia teamed up with Harvey Comics to produce an anti-drug comic book called “Trapped.” And now it’s on eBay. You have just 2 hours and 36 minutes left to bid on what the seller promises is a “fine condition copy of this scarce early anti-drug effort with light cover wear!”

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  1. Anon

    In light of columbiagate, I guess this is potentially worth $5 ... otherwise, who gives a fuck

  2. Anonymous

    The historical beginning to the war on fun.

  3. congratulations

    to bwog for learning to set google alerts

  4. I'm Me

    I can think of 1,951 better things to do with $25

  5. Anonymous

    I can think of 1,952 things :P

  6. IRONY

    Seller takes money earned, buys drugs.

  7. War on Fun

    Sung to the tune of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"

    Oh take to the tunnels and the roofs,
    Dear sons of Morningside!
    And Alma Mater's daughters
    May you smoke and drink with pride!
    And for one day
    Let Lions say,
    Our brains to fun applied!
    Only from many blows will the war on fun have died!

    Too much work and no play, Hallelujah!
    Makes us very dull, Hallelujah!
    Smoke weed, drink and have sex, Hallelujah!
    The Spirit of Fun still lives!


  8. ...  

    they should have done one about debt. that would be rich.

  9. Crap

    That's not the first time I've confused the two. It's entirely possible. But going over it again, yeah I think I was right this time. "Hurrah, hurrah!" is "Dear sons..."

    And then I blew it with the Hallelujah stuff. This was sloppy. I'm not usually sloppy. I apologize.

  10. LOC

    but i can bet the comic must be one of a kind...!! maybe not worth $25..but its gotta be worth something.

  11. LOC

    i can bet the comic is going to be one of a kind...it may not be worth $25 but its certainly going to be worth something...i think people need to read it.

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