Does Hawkma Read Bwog?

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After initial fears over her potential demise, Hawkmadinejad has not only risen from the dead, but seems intent on becoming a prominent campus fixture. In both of the recently tipped photos Hawkma appears to be watching us—does Hawkma wish to catch a glimpse of life as Columbia student or has Hawkma turned her powerful gaze on us to chastise our own intrusive gawking?

A tipster snapped this shot of Hawkma looking mad regal and catching some rays.

Thanks to Sumit Galhotra for this stirring close-up of Hawkma.

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  1. BWOG,


  2. Anonymous

    I love you hawkmamma

  3. Gerard Manley Hopkins (SEAS '12)

    The Pigeonchewer

    To Bo our Prez

    I caught this morning morning's minion, geek-
    dom of campus's captor, pigeon-blood-tinged raptor, in her hunting
    Of the shrieking squirrels hid 'neath NSOP bunting
    High there, how she perched upon the name of a carven Greek
    In her tyranny! Then off, off forth on swing,
    As a hipster's bike rolls round in a jaded arc: she plunged and partly
    decapitated her doomed prey. My heart in Hartley
    Wept for the waste,---the cruelty of; the messiness of the thing!

    Brute dictator, petty and cruel, oh, air, pride, plume, slay
    Freshmen! And the war-cry that breaks from thy feathered complexion
    Makes would-be Bwoggers squeal and run away.

    No wonder of it: Jóhn Jáy makes men for Mexican
    run towards Taqueria; on the way,
    Trip, rip themselves, bleed white and Philolexian.

  4. snoop

    The same poem.

    {snoop} Yo dig it.

    when i say fly you say Hi. fly
    [students] Hi!!! How are you?!?!?!?
    when i say eat you say squirrels. eat
    [students] Squirrels never did anything to you, Hawkma. Don't kill them! They are so cute an fluffy.
    when i say don't you say study. don't
    [students] Study! OMGZ I love studying in the But
    when i say hipstaz you say jaded. hipsters
    [students] Jaded. Everyone on this campus.
    when i say bwog you say rules. bwog
    [students] Technology is The Future.
    when i say mexican you say tequila. mexican
    [students] Really, snoop, it is unfair to typify the entirety of the Mexican experience as summed up by a distilled liquor. In fact, the roots of the "tequila" drink go back over 500 years when Conquistadors or "conquerers", as it were, ran out of brandy (Wikipedia, pg. 1 accessed 8/12/2011). It is just so unfair! And homonormative to consider that all Mexicans drink tequila. I mean, like, what about Mexican people who have alcohol allergies or no livers?

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous

    The first pic is a week old (taken on Aug 6th). Just to point out that I saw Hawkma in person!

  7. Anonymous

    1st pic=new desktop background

  8. mom  

    there are three hawkmas! mamma, papa and baby hawkma. baby, or rather teenage hawkma is the one sitting on the hedge, recognizable by its brown (not red) tail and the fact that, while curious about them, does not attack the squirrels prancing through the hedge below it. please keep a good distance from it, and remember it is a wild bird, easily startled and with powerful talons!

  9. hate to be that guy

    first one looks shopped

  10. second pic

    I is in yer room, watchin yoo haz seeecks

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