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The following e-mail just went out to the families of CC students. We’re still waiting on a statement from Moody-Adams herself, which is starting to seem a bit overdue. The Office of the Dean declined to comment.

Dear Columbia College Families,

As many of you have doubtless read in the news [that’s us], Michele Moody-Adams, who has served as Dean of Columbia College and Vice President for Undergraduate Education for the last two years, announced her resignation.  President Bollinger concluded yesterday that it was in the best interests of the College that this be effective immediately so that an interim dean can be appointed for the new academic year.

As we continue our work in enhancing student life here at Columbia, we are committed to ensuring that this administrative transition in no way affects our student-centered initiatives and academic life.  The senior leadership of the College and the University are working together to ensure a smooth transition.  Please see the message, attached below, that was sent last evening to all Columbia College students.

My staff and I look forward to working with our students and families during the 2011-2012 academic year.


Kevin Shollenberger


Kevin G. Shollenberger
Dean of Student Affairs
Columbia College / Columbia Engineering
Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Student Life
Arts and Sciences
Columbia University


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  1. Anonymous  

    I hate this man

  2. Once he was bragging

    in the elevator about how he got hella dap from students "like he was a celebrity"

  3. Anonymous

    His nickname was Ke$ho...V117

  4. Also...  

    Shouldn't the nickname be KeSho ?

  5. Silly bwog

    by "in the news" he probably means the new york times!

  6. Anonymous

    Didn't realize Ke$ho has been around since 1999.

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