Making Your Cell a Home: Roomhop Highlights

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In our RoomHop feature, Bwog indulges its dream to host an HGTV show. We hope these pics from past rooms inspire intrepid designers. You can totally get more original than that Audrey Hepburn poster. Observe! Click the links to read the full RoomHops.

Will Hughes, CC’13, John Jay:

To offset the hodge-podge aesthetic of his walls, Will created striking clean lines running across his ceiling by randomly stringing and taping blue and red yarn. “I really like the shadows you get when the light is on,” Will says, as he flicks on the lamp that he rescued from a street corner.

Patrick Han and Shao-Wen Ang, Watt

While most people throw away Clementine peels and old tea bags, Patrick and Shao-Wen choose to feature them. They unhinged their window guards and weaved fruit peels, playbills, and photos through the diamond slits. “The window covering is a useful way to hold things,” says Patrick.

Jenny Shen, CC’12, Ruggles

A 30 foot long tape-art map of Manhattan made to scale

Zoe Lubitz, CC’11, and Laura Sperber, CC’11, Watt:

With quirky, curios and whimsical trinkets crowding every tabletop, this eclectic room is brimming with character. The seasoned scavengers fill their place with nostalgic knick-knacks like Zoe’s My Little Pony and Laura’s old-school Atari videogame. But the pair’s most impressive artistic endeavor is their nature scene, complete with watercolor sunflowers, a Google-image inspired tree and clouds made from bathmats and the orientation issue of the Spec.


Juan Gonzalez, SEAS’13, and Joe DelPreto, SEAS’13, McBain

This McBain double houses a high-tech Christmas display, complete with fake snow falling from the ceiling, Christmas lights that flash to the beats of shuffled Christmas tunes, and a miniature Santa who ziplines across the room in his sleigh. Astoundingly, it’s all triggered when you walk in through the door! Chief creator, Joe DelPreto, SEAS ’13, explains the magic of photoresistors is at work. “There’s a flashlight above the door that shines onto a photoresistor taped to the floor. When you walk in and break the beam, the photoresistor triggers the lights and music. It’s really a pretty simple process.”

Ben Krusling, CC ’12, Carman

Combining permanent acrylic paint and washable Crayola, the four Carmanites created a massive mural that spans the entirety of Krusling’s wall. The impressive mural is of one large ghost surrounded by colorful bubbles, with a smattering of “personalized ghosts” in the bottom corner, each smaller ghost representing a different floormate.

Jessica, ’07, Claremont

Jessica’s room in Claremont is probably the best place on campus to sit pretzel-style on the ground with some milk and cookies for a read-aloud. Clouds float and birds soar on her light green walls. A tree, lovingly cut out of cardboard, sheds some of its leaves as if a squirrel had just disrupted some branches.

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  1. I'm reminded once more

    how much I love this school.

  2. ....sorry

    With few possible exceptions, these people are experts in ugliness. The first distinctly recalls the nests of newspaper clippings and extended strings that Russell Crowe, playing John Nash, would erect in "A Beautiful Mind" whenever his delusions would worsen, and the third looks like a shuttered storefront in a bad neighborhood on Christmas Eve. But the taped map, though not my taste for home decoration, is a genuinely impressive display of craft.

    • ....sorry

      ("third" means third from the bottom, "first" means first).

    • Anonymous

      I won't criticize your aesthetic sense. But mostly anything beats the white walls of insanity.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree, and I'm glad I'm not the only person who didn't find any of this particularly pleasurable to look at. Plus, none of the rooms have a distinctive or interesting aesthetic. Trees, flowers, Manhattan... Possibly some of the most generic objects you could think of.

      Let the thumbs-downs roll in. I'm going to go read Maldoror and cry or something.

  3. Anonymous  

    mmmm permanent acrylic paint. $200 per wall to repaint.

    • Anonymous

      I've gotten away with painting/defacing the walls for two years in a row. All I've done is go buy some gross off-white paint from university hardware and slap a shitty coat over it all before I move out. Housing has failed to give a shit so far.

  4. Anonymous

    Wish I could've unhinged the prison-cell gate on my apartment's fire escape, but alas, I would've lost my thousand dollar security. New York, I love you?

  5. Diddy

    Is your house really a home when your loved ones are gone?!

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