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Empire State of Mind at a discounted price!

So you spent all summer preoccupied with supplying your dorm room with the essentials and choosing a side in the Great Printer Debate and now have no clue what to do in the city for cheap. Worry not, freshperson, that’s what Bwog is here for.

Meet the Ticket and Information Center, aka The TIC, one of your best friends in the coming years. This service will give you tickets to free events on campus, information about events in the city and most importantly, discounted tickets to performances, films and events in and around New York City. You can access the TIC online or at their information center in Lerner.

QuickTix runs every alternate Wednesday to bring you the most popular shows and tips on what to see from behind the desk of the TIC. Here’s what they recommend this week:

Tickets on Sale Now

1. Yankees vs Toronto – September 3rd, 1:05 pm, $48.50

2. Improv Everywhere: The guys who brought you the Frozen Grand Central prank are coming to Columbia for their Mp3 Experiment on September 9th. It’s free!

3. Spider-Man – September 8th, 7:30 pm, $53

4. NY Philharmonic Henry V – September 17th, 8 pm, $37.50

5. Yankees vs Tampa Bay – September 20th, 7:05 pm, $48.50

Tickets that go on Sale August 26th

1. Rent – September 22nd, 8 pm, $50

2. Mets vs Philadelphia – 7:10 pm, $37

3. H2S – September 29th, 7 pm, $38

Tickets to many more events can be found at the TIC’s website

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  1. H2S

    Hydrogen sulfide? Sounds deadly.

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