Your NSOP 2011 Theme is “Taking Root, Branching Out”

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Another tragic tree-themed romance

Take heed, 2015ers! “Taking Root, Branching Out” is this year’s NSOP vanilla, and will likely affect what goes on the t-shirts. It’s a clever choice of theme. It potentially encompasses two stalwarts of undergraduate enthusiasm, environmental awareness and diversity (how many of you wrote your college essays about your grandparents, or other miscellaneous relatives?). And of course it’s vague enough to mean pretty much nothing at all.

The infamous “NYC event,” where freshpeople are herded to a prominent city location and encouraged to dance to self-consciously until 11 pm, will take place this year on Governors Island. The Water Taxis full of frosh floating out across the Hudson will be a sight to behold. Freshpeople, it’s probably worth going to, but bear in mind that you don’t have to go to every NSOP event. It’s much more fun to read about them on Bwog!

Classical education via Britannica

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  1. Water Taxis?

    Like Harry Potter's first year at Hogwarts?

  2. Anonymous

    I dont even understand the theme.

  3. Anonymous  

    N000000bzzzzz learn to spell!!!11!!!1onewun!

  4. CC '12

    I'm still waiting for Columbia to make up for that shitty Victorian Gardens event they gave us during NSOP. Preferably in subsidized alcohol.

  5. That awkward moment

    when the freshperson you're hitting on turns into a laurel tree.

  6. Anonymous

    You've been waiting to use that link forEVER, haven't you?

  7. Anonymous

    Do you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was. <- Should be part of the core

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