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This morning, all of the COÖP students left for untamed nature outside the city. NSOP doesn’t start until Monday. But it’s not all bad news! Today is the move-in day for ISOP, the International Students (Pre-) Orientation Program. ISOP started last year as a pilot program meant to give international students a few extra days to get used to living in a new country before they’re swamped by NSOP festivities. It was so successful that it’s been revamped and expanded for this year.

Cynthia Jennings, the direction of New Student Orientation Programs from Student Affairs spoke enthusiastically about the new program: “We want every student to have a successful transition into life at Columbia. ISOP will help our international students achieve that goal.”

Over the next four days, 75 students from 33 different countries will learn how to navigate Columbia’s frightfully complex bureaucracy, and explore their new city!

Spherical map via Wikimedia Commons

Thursday 9 AM – 6 PM Move In
1:30 PM Shuttle departs from JFK
6:00 PM Welcome Dinner and Social
Friday 8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Center for Student Advising Information Session
10:00 AM Individual Advising Appointments
10:00 AM Cell Phone and Banking Fair
Noon Lunch
1:30 PM Bed, Bath, and Beyond Shuttle
1:30 PM Tours of Campus and Morningside Heights
3:30 PM Coney Island Outing
Saturday 8:00 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM Session with Undergraduate Writing Program
Noon Lunch
1:15 PM Broadway Outing-Hair
1:15 PM NYC tours
6:00 PM Dinner
8:30 PM Night Events around the City
Sunday 10:00 AM Understanding Campus Resources
6:30 PM Welcome Dinner to all International Students
Countries Students
Australia 2
Brazil 4
Canada 9
China 7
Colombia 1
Ethiopia 2
France 1
Germany 2
Hong Kong 3
India 11
Ireland 1
Italy 1
Jamaica 1
Japan 1
Lebanon 1
Malaysia 2
Mexico 2
Mongolia 1
Morocco 1
Mozambique 1
Myanmar 1
Nepal 1
Netherlands 1
Nigeria 2
Pakistan 1
Philippines 1
Qatar 2
Singapore 2
South Korea 3
Spain 2
Tanzania 1
United Kingdom 3
Zimbabwe 1

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  1. Anon

    6:00 pm - welcome dinner and social (hold the social)

  2. Anonymous

    That is the total enrollment of international students?Or are they allowed to choose whether to attend or not

  3. Anonymous

    India Beat China. lol

  4. Anonymous

    i went to international orientation last year. I loved fact i kind of felt sad when everyone came and we no longer had the campus to ourselves....without all the hustle and bustle. It was definitely optional and because there were so few of us....if i recall correctly about 50 ....i got to know everyone really well. Definitely would recommend it for future internationals....the only bad thing about it is that towards the end of NSOP you kind of really want orientation to finish because it feels like orientation has lasted forever.

  5. Awesome

    I wish they did this when I was a freshman...!

  6. Anonymous

    they seriously count Canadians as international? come on.

    • Analytically arriving at an answer... your rhetorical yet silly question:

      -al | of or pertaining to
      -nation- | nation, country, or people thereof
      inter- | between or among

      Given that Canada != U.S., I'd say that's about right. They add to the school's diversity, and I don't see why a shared border should change that.

  7. existentialist in crisis

    7 people from china / ~1,000,000,000 inhabitants is 7 x 10^-7 %. Sometimes the scale of humanity frightens me.

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