Z.Y. Fu Passes Away

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Z.Y. Fu, the Chinese businessman and philanthropist who donated generously to Columbia University over the past 20 years, passed away yesterday.

In 1990, Mr. Fu began his philanthropy by endowing a chair of applied mathematics at the Engineering school, where his brother-in-law taught as a professor. Three years later, he endowed a scholarship fund for Chinese students at the College and the Engineering school. His most famous donation came in 1997, when his philanthropic foundation gave Columbia’s Engineering school $26 million to, in his words, “ensure that Columbia will continue to grow in strength as an international leader in science and technology.” The school was soon renamed the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in his honor.

Mr. Fu also got to experience life as a student at Columbia. In 1991, he took a class to improve his English at the School of General Studies. Reportedly, he “had lots of fun and liked it enormously.”

We respectfully remember Mr. Fu’s generosity and send our condolences to his family.

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  1. RIP

    Rest in peace Mr. Fu! Your legacy will be remembered.

  2. Anonymous

    What. SO MANY EVENTS happened. I dont even know where to start.

    I hope everyone is fine and well

  3. Anonymous

    Any one pried open his will yet? Maybe a $52 million donation?

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