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If you haven’t heard, there’s a hurricane approaching New York, and it has shut down MTA and postponed NSOP and Move-In. Since Bwog never strays from Morningside, we’ll be wandering sadly through the rain, keeping you updated on what the scene is in the neighborhood. If you have any observations, picture, quotes, or musings on the impending downpour, email them to us at!

Also, whoever it is that names hurricanes should take the Core or read some Greek. “Irene” is directly derived from the Greek “peace.”

  • Update, 7:10 pm: Student Affairs has purchased flashlights for all students who are approved to be on campus now. They are currently being distributed by RAs. Send us a picture if you nab one!
  • Update, 5:40 pm: Westside is closing its doors at around 7 pm tonight, probably because there is not much left to buy. A look of the outside of the grocery store with fruit shelves shockingly empty:
  • POWER OUTAGE CONTINGENCY: According to Public Safety, should power go out, everybody on campus will be herded into Lerner, where the “main generators” are located. Update, 3:45 pm: Director of Communications for Columbia University Student & Administrative Services, Eleanor Templeton, writes that if power goes out, the official Public Safety recommendation is that “students in residence halls [are] to proceed to the lobby or lounge and await Public Safety instructions.”
  • Dodge Fitness Center will be closed through tomorrow.
  • All the libraries are closed for the weekend.
  • Westside is out of gallon jugs of water, and packed full with people. There is a line crawling out onto the street, with beefed-up security letting people in only as others exit.
  • One shopper was shouting ironically (?), “Start looting! It’s everyone for themselves!”
  • COÖP is returning to campus. BOP arrived last night, 1/2 of ROP returned in chunks this afternoon, and HOP should be back by this evening got back too!
  • Everybody is heading over to CrackDel for premium Hurricane malt liquor sold in 40s.
  • Oren’s and Starbucks are closed through the hurricane. Nussbaum and Absolute are is open (and crammed with cuddling COÖPers), and Absolute is now also closed.

We will keep adding updates as we notice them! Be safe and dry.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Just walked down broadway and Oren's is already closed for the weekend, but Westside says that they're staying open for the whole thing.

  2. Anonymous

    So if power goes out everyone should walk TRHOUGH the hurricane to the one building on campus that is made out of glass?
    I know that New Yorkers aren't used to hurricanes, but come on Columbia, really?

  3. Anonymous

    Absolute bagels is closed now, too.

  4. Anonymous  

    Pro-tip, Met food market over on Amsterdam south of 125th was still open. They had batteries, water, lots of food. Didn't look like they were closing real soon, but I didn't ask. Lots of people, but not PANIC LOOTING levels.

    Good luck all.

  5. Anonymous

    EVERYTHING is closed. why did this have to happen on the weekend? I should at least be able to get a day off work from this whole mess.

  6. ...  

    there's nothing quite like an mta shutdown for reminding me of how much i utterly loathe this "neighborhood."

  7. PANIC

    The emergency update "preparing for your arrival" site is down. EVERYONE START LOOTING NOW.

  8. Kl

    This whole thing is blown out of proportion.....all these freakin FMCG companies will make tons of money...Same thing happened in Swine Flu....oh America....I love you....

  9. ...  

    c'mon irene.... oh i swear what i mean...
    at this moment... you can do every-thinnnnggg....

  10. Anonymous

    Morton Williams is open for another two hours until 7 pm tonight. Still have water and batteries and shit

  11. Anonymous

    Student Affairs posted their latest update on

  12. What do you call

    storm surges of 10-12 feet heading towards New York City?

    An emergent sea!

  13. Anonymous

    it's spelled "recommendation"

  14. Anonymous  

    looks like they still have a large helping of man at westside from the looks of that picture.

  15. Anonymous

    cubmail expanded the storage space from 250mb to 1Gb.

  16. Anonymous

    yes i noticed that expanded storage as well was needed.

  17. Sandman  

    If Columbia gets flooded, downtown will drown. We are in a pretty sweet spot....just chill. If everything looks good I am planning to go for a run in riverside park and see how exactly does this sexy bitch IRENE looks/feels like.....
    Will submit a tip to Bwog - on my encounters with the Bachelorette "Irene"....
    Looking forward to it

  18. HamDel

    will turn into a swimming pool. that place floods when there is a normal rain shower

  19. Wait guys

    can the hurricane really hit us in the ivory tower?

  20. Bjork

    You push me up to
    This state of emergency
    How beautiful to be~

  21. Anonymous

    who's complaining about the swim test now?

  22. angry frenchwoman


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