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For some, the first night of college can get a little too cray. Don’t hesitate to call CAVA, Columbia’s trusty EMS service, if your new friend falls ill. There’s a Good Samaritan policy, so no one will get in trouble. Your health is first priority. 212-854-5555. Program it in your phone. Better yet, memorize the thing.

Another pro-tip: while lots of upperclassman may joke about that awkward NSOP hook-up, others genuinely regret their one night stands. It’s easy to tell yourself you’ll be cautious when you’re chuckling at a “consent is sexy” lecture, but things get more slippery with alcohol. You may have just met that girl (or dude!) down the hall. Still, it’s better to risk coming off as unnecessarily paranoid and check with her before she heads off with some rando, than leave her alone.

Also, it’s completely acceptable to just chill with your floormate in your new digs. One bwogger fondly remembers spending the whole first night of college talking to a girl down the hall. Some other people wandered in and out, and invited them to nearby parties, but the pair declined their offers. They became fast friends and roomed together for the next 3 years.

That said, the night is young and you live in New York City. Bwog wishes y’all a splendiferous evening! L’Chaim!

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh my god this makes me miss Columbia. Love you, bwog :)

  2. FR05H


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  4. BC RA  

    hell yeah. awesome post, bwog. i appreciate the CAVA number and description.


    Ain't it, Jay?

  6. Anonymous

    are freshman people?

  7. "that girl (or dude!)"

    Question from a big square: why ever did you insert that exclamation mark? Perhaps I'm off the mark, but I'm reading this as the Bwogger in question trying to be positive towards queer sexuality. Well and fine—except that the audience for this piece as for any piece on Bwog has presumably a vast range of gender identities and sexualities, in which case it's probably not surprising at all that a good number of them are going to be excited about hooking up with fellas. Hence no need to shout it from the rooftops, or to set it aside as if it were some anomaly rather than a normal circumstance.

    I'm just saying: it's the little things.

  8. Anonymous  

    Bwog-- important to note that the administration often doesn't hold to the "good samaritan" policy-- as freshman, we saw a suite of seniors get in serious trouble for having someone CAVA'd who was in their suite during the night. The administration needs to be held responsible for such contradictory policy -- disciplining anyone involved in a CAVA call is seriously dangerous, discouraging people from making the call in the first place. When questioned about such things, the admin in charge of the case condescendingly lashed back, saying that anyone who wouldn't call CAVA because they were afraid of consequences would be a shameful person. Personally, I think there's a lot more gray area in a CAVA call and that's the whole reason why the good samaritan policy exists in the first place.

    • What was the final outcome  

      of the good samaritan policy work that the councils were working on last year?

      • RA  

        Actually, the "good samaritan policy" was never in the Guide to Living. It was only implemented this year. Although most people accepted it as true, it was not a rule until now.

        • Anonymous  

          And to clarify some more, it DOES only apply to drugs/alcohol. If you are having a party in your room and decide to call CU-EMS on one of your drunk friends, you won't get in trouble for underage drinking or smoking pot. What you will get in trouble for is, violating the guest policy, excessive noise etc.

  9. Anonymous  

    The good samaritan policy only applies to the act of consuming alcohol. You won't be penalized for being underage or drinking in dry dorms. You will most likely be asked to complete a \learning\ program like BASICS that is not considered punishment, but is viewed as an opportunity to learn about dangerous drinking habits and stuff since your sorry ass drank itself until it needed EMS.

    If, however, you act a damn fool when you're schwasted and you decide to pull fire alarms, get into fights with people, harass people, break stuff, or any other policy violation--the good samaritan policy will not apply to those transgressions.

    So, say my friends and I are drinking and we're all underage. Then we decide to break some windows. And after a bit, my dude Tommy is all like \ah shit, I don't even know my name and stuff\ and we decide to call CUEMS. We're not going to get in trouble for drinking, but you can bet your ass that we're going to have some executive-disciplinary action visited upon us and most likely have our sorry asses fined by housing.

    Ya dig?

    The point is, drink responsibly and don't do stupid shit when you're under the influence of alcohol. If you or a friend is suffering from not having been conscious of how much liquor your body was capable of consuming, you should call CUEMS so that your life may be spared.

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