Greetings Freshpeople!

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Welcome, new friends. Mean Irene has passed, and a beautiful sunny day embraces the youngins. We Bwoggers will be scattered around campus watching your every move— in the least creepy way possible. NSOP makes more glorious people-watching, indeed, so send us your tales of memory foam pillows catching on fire and taxidermy rodents. Also, wear sneakers. Flip flops aren’t gonna cut it with these toe-slicing machines rolling around:

From the 2010 Blue and White Orientation Issue

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  1. I know the cartoon is a repost, but

    it is genius.

  2. Mean Irene is over?

    I'm still in my home without any fucking power.

  3. Anonymous  

    I just realized I have never used a bin that was not hazardous to my health.

  4. hmmm

    forgot the jizz stains.

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