NSOP Day 1: Lunch Break

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Bwog spent the morning roaming the green hills of campus, greeting freshpeople and snacking (there are mountains of free food here. If you are near campus, we recommend dropping by). Everything is surprisingly calm. We expected a surge of freshlings because of all the scheduling mishaps, but people seem to be arriving in an orderly fashion. The sun is shining, and it feels good to be back. It feels especially good to wear a ‘Proud Columbia Family’ badge, which is definitely the best thing we’ve picked up on our morning jaunt. Pictured below is our assorted (pretty boy) swag. Full roundup at the end of the day!

"Can I have one for my parents?"

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  1. Memoorriessss

    I love being an upperclassman, but NSOP was a pretty great week.
    From the awkward 'Welcome to Columbia' from the guys under the tent, to my first walk over to Kent for my ID while 'I'm Yours' played in the background-- I wish I could relive it all.
    Have fun 2015! :)

    PS I will probably hate you guys from here on out.

  2. '15

    fml wish i were there. wish i were getting free stuffz. but by the time i get there, NSOP will be over. :(

  3. ryan  

    you don't use the lil b tag nearly enough

  4. Anonymous

    are they using the same cover as last year on the bulletin

  5. CC'15

    Keep it up Bwoggie!

  6. Anonymous  

    "If you are near campus, we recommend dropping by."

    If, however, you are _on_ campus, don't drop by—you aren't allowed to.

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