Be Prepared (with Bingo)

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The learning starts today. Gather with philosopher queen Christia Mercer (substitute for Lit Hum legend Gareth Williams in the graph)  to pore over the Iliad that you’ve all finished weeks ago! Head over to Lerner, the big glass thing, at 2:30.

Graphic by Jon Hill

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  1. Anonymous

    Doesn't matter; gangster rap.

  2. incorrecto  

    Garewth Williams isn't lecturing this year. Tsk tsk!

  3. wait...

    everyone goes to the same first lecture... so does everyone win/lose?

    • Anonymous  

      No. Because there are certain squares that are based upon whether or not you started the Iliad and other squares based upon your physical location. For example, if you've read at least a page of the Iliad, you can't cover the box to the left of the 'Bwog' box. Also, if you do not sit behind someone who is on facebook or next two someone who is furiously texting, you cannot cover those boxes either. Moreover, there is a subjective aspect as well. Do you doubt your decision to enroll? Are you bored? If you answered yes, you make cover those boxes. If not, you mustn't cover them. Finally, are you aware of Gareth Williams (or Christia Mercer for this lecture)? If you are unaware, cover that box.

      As you can see, it is possible to have different experiences despite attending the same lecture.

    • CC'13  

      just like everyone in a class gets the same grade!

  4. Anonymous  

    "pour over" is a funny visual. Did you mean "pore," Bwog dearest?

  5. CC'11 (aka ex-Senior)

    I need to stop reading bwog. It's a constant reminder of the fact that my youth has escaped me.

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