BSB Will Not Teach You Western Civ

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Our own class of 2015, apparently overeager to get their hands on the Masterpieces of Western Civilization, has thronged Bank Street Bookstore! We hope parents were not rude. Enjoy NSOP, children, and order books later! Amazon Student will get you your books cheap and lickety-split, or you can get them neatly packaged from the hip hands at Book Culture. For a full run-down of your options, check out Bwog’s Guide to the Book Market.

The sign, though it’s rife with improper capitalization and cries out for a serial comma, is not mean. If you need children’s books, BSB wants you there! For those of you with too much time on your hands, but too little eye-power, the full text comes after the jump.

You can find your textbooks at Book Culture on 112th between Broadway and Amsterdam. (Turn around, cross Broadway, and walk about halfway down the block toward the cathedral.)

When you need kids’ books for your siblings, nieces or nephews (or when you just need an escape from schoolwork), come see us, and we’ll be happy to help you.

Although with the Lit Hum syllabus reduction, who knows? Maybe they threw in a children’s book.

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  1. Anonymous

    Don't be dumb fresh people and buy book culture books, I saved alot of money every semester on Amazon. Some semesters I saved over 500 bucks, unless your into the whole I must support a local bookstore who charges about 75% more for books scene, order them online, it's easy peezy with one click. Don't buy them in a store unless you have to satisfy your impulse to want the books this second in your dorm room. Your grades won't suffer cause your waiting on a book, butler has 99% of the books assigned so you'll be good.

  2. Also

    consider renting textbooks for classes like Biology or Chemistry. I used and saved a lot of cash that way.

  3. pdf  

    will teachers allow us to use pdf files instead of actual books?

    • Anonymous

      Yes PDF are legit so are ebooks, cool professors will post all required readings in PDF on course works, although most classes are a mix and some professors don't bother even using course works. You usually need the text in front of you during discussion sections, for the majority of classes.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever floats your boat, but it's a pain to try to follow along in reading and finding quoted excerpts if you don't have the correct translation and page numbers.

  4. "though it’s rife with"

    Please tell me that was supposed to be a joke.

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