Party Buses Aren’t Just for Prom

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Columbia's ride just got pimped.

Remember when you were a senior in high school (just last June for you freshpeople!), and you and your friends panicked over who would ride in your limo/stretch Hummer/party bus to prom? Well, Columbia has a new party bus for ya, and the fine people of Public Safety are offering it FREE OF CHARGE (no guarantees that it’ll be free of the teenage angst, though). Check out Columbia’s new evening public safety shuttle! It’s available between 6 PM and 4 AM. You’ll never have to call a cab from Cannons again.


To the Columbia Community:

I am writing to tell you about a new shuttle bus service which will be introduced in the Morningside Heights area for Columbia University community members early in the Fall 2011 semester. This new shuttle service, which will replace point-to-point vehicular escorts, will utilize two shuttle buses traveling on different routes, in thirty minute loops across the Morningside and Manhattanville areas.

The evening shuttle service will operate seven days a week from 6PM every evening until 4AM the following morning. We believe that the evening shuttle service will provide a safe and efficient method for traveling around the Morningside Campus area during the evening hours. A copy of the evening shuttle bus schedule which contains both a map of the routes and a listing of the stops on each of the two separate routes can be found on the Public Safety website at

For those who prefer, Public Safety’s walking escort service, which sends two specially trained students to walk you to your door, will continue to be available seven nights a week from 8PM to 3AM. We encourage you to take advantage of both of these services.

For further information on this, and other shuttle services provided to the Columbia Community, please visit


All the best,

Jim McShane

James F. McShane
Vice President for Public Safety
Columbia University
Low Library, Rm. 101
Mail Code 4301
535 W. 116th Street
New York, New York 10027

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  1. Anonymous

    Man, this would've been so nice to have all those times I had to walk back to Cathedral Gardens from the 125th B/C at 3 am.

  2. Anonymous

    That's the intercampus shuttle. The Public Safety shuttles are smaller

    • Anonymous

      Does that mean they replaced those rickety little blue intercampus shuttles with this? I liked the REAL party buses they sent up to the medical center--I always felt like I was going on tour or something when I got in those.

      By the way, clearly this is just a recycled MTA bus...

  3. sss  

    actually, isn't this a cutback disguised as a new service? as in, columbia used to have cars that would pick people up point to point (true, though I don't think it was widely publicized), and now they're replacing it with a shuttle?

  4. aperture labs  

    james mcshane is a lie.

  5. This

    will not be that useful to too many people. The routes are pretty strange..

  6. Also  

    Where are the routes/maps/schedules? The public safety website looks like it jumped straight out of the 90's...can't find them.

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