Here’s Looking At You, Kids

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Registration is open, the freshpeople are settling in, and the sun is sort of shining. Convocation’s cancellation means the lawns are more luscious than ever, so go loll about while you can. Here’s to another splendid and occasionally trying year. We missed you very much!

Thanks to tipster Alan Crosswell, of CUIT fame, for this majestic image of a Hartley window.


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  1. Did you hear

    that Columbia is building a zoo on campus as part of its expanded natural sciences department?

    You're lion!

  2. ....

    hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husband too cuz they snatching up e'rybody.

  3. Like this...

    If you thought that was a dog.

  4. Anonymous  

    Hey that's my Window. HEY THAT'S MY LION.

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