It’s Really Starting to Sink In

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“SEAS” is no more. It really is “CE” now. After meeting many bright enthusiastic new faces yesterday at the publications meet and greet, we felt a little pang in our hearts when we got home and had a chance to look through some of our sign-up sheet. Guess it’s best to get ’em while they’re still young:

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  1. These kids

    will never SEAS the day.

  2. Optimist  

    Once classes start they should be forced to conform more.

  3. Anonymous

    I'm really hoping Bwog considered "It's Really Starting to CE-nk In" (and then decided that it looked ugly and CE is not punnable enough).

  4. Cranky

    Some acronyms die fast: UFM (University Food Market) didn't survive the conversion to Morton Williams in 2004. Others last forever. I've heard current students call Amsterdam Restaurant "AmCaf." It hasn't been AmCaf since 2004 either. Go figure.

    (N.B.: UFM was just as claustrophobic as MoWill, but without the new lights, tiles, shelves, interior fixtures etc. AmCaf was dive bar-ish with fish bowl cocktails.)

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