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Exciting things happen in this big wide-world, and sometimes they are Columbia related. Bwoglines is a daily compilation of staff favorites and student tips. For this, the first Bwoglines of the year, we present news that didn’t find a place in any post over the Summer.

Tiger truck

We don’t usually have the attention span to slog through a New Yorker article, but this excellent piece by Critic at Large, James Wood, is sure to grip all you core dorks out there. “Secularism and its Discontents” is a veritable CC circus, and features our very own profs Phillip Kitcher and Bruce Robbins.

Some guy’s career began by reporting on the boring minutia of Columbia’s WKCR. 30 years later, the same minutia is rumored to happen again. Naturally, The Times covers in juicy detail.

D-Spar laments the lack of government regulation in the man juice market. (NYT)

Police are zeroing in on a suspect in a Morningside Heights murder case. (DNAinfo)

Researchers were surprised to find that college students use Google. A lot. (Good)

Korilla BBQ are contestants on season two of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race. (Food Network)

The Times interviews beautiful students. Columbia fares well.

George Soros’s ex-girlfriend sues the billionaire for $50 million. Is there a gold digging class at the B-school? (HuffPo)

Columbia grad students reinvent the watch industry, in theory. (NYT)

Harvard is switching to Gmail over the course of this academic year. We got an extra 750 megabytes for Cubmail. Womp. (The Harvard Crimson)


Truck via Food Network

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  1. And the win goes to

    Columbia. (re. Times modeling article)

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