Dean of BSchool Joins Romney’s Campaign

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Mitt Romney

R. Glenn Hubbard, the Dean of the BSchool, author of your Principles textbook, and Inside Job star, will lead the Economic Policy team of Mitt Romney, Spec reports. Hubbard has been advising Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts and candidate for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, for a year.

Hubbard wrote the introduction to Romney’s plan for job growth, which was released yesterday. The plan proposes cutting corporate tax rates, reducing the power of labor unions, and reducing government spending (and is well-covered on Politico). This coming year, you can be sure to expect more politics on campus, as the 2012 election race gathers steam.

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  1. Proud

    I am proud to call myself a columbia student right now. We are truly living up to the bold genius of our namesake, Christopher Columbus, who freed the native americans from ignorance and brought prosperity to the world. Mr. Hubbard is surely the only Columbian in a long while who can come close to the imagination and greatness of the Great Navigator. I am convinced that is elected, Hubbard will carve a path through the treacherous waters of socialism and Obamacare to land finally upon a shore where the weak will perish and the strong will rise up to claim their inbred position at the top of society.

    To R. Glenn Hubbard, an Oligarch we can Believe In.

  2. Just in case you didn't already  

    consider everyone at the business school to be a tool...

    • Anonymous

      right and what have you contributed to the world?

      • aaaaand...  

        what have business school students contributed to the world? i mean, besides being gigantic jackasses.

        • Anonymous

          that depends on what business school students do after graduation. most join wall street yes, where while the work they do might not seem immediately relevant to any form of social enterprise, it is still important to the functioning of the economy and the creation of value (if the economy was an engine, think of them as its grease). some start their own businesses which makes it possible to employ the likes of you. some run non-profits.

          what do history and anthropology grad students contribute to the world that is more relevant? and who reads their mostly obscure research in their obscure journals that the layman can't even afford?

          if you're talking about contribution to the world, doctors rank the highest and engineers/scientists and businessman next. but oh wait, you look down on scientists and engineers too, those boring nerds.

          get off your high horse.

          • or maybe...

            we should all just chill out with the vast generalizations. But what do I know? I'm just a lowly social worker.

          • IN CONCLUSION  

            we all do nothing except comment on the internetz. but you didnt care to refute my comment about jackasses, wahoo!!!

          • Let me make sure I understand  

            "most join wall street yes, where while the work they do might not seem immediately relevant to any form of social enterprise, it is still important to the functioning of the economy and the creation of value (if the economy was an engine, think of them as its grease)."

            Those would be the Wall Street workers who destroyed the global economy, bankrupted and/or made homeless hundreds of thousands of Americans, got bailed out by taxpayer dollars, and then went home with the highest year of profits ever? Those relevant workers?

  3. ...  


    like pretty much everything else at this overhyped shitshow, the gap between the image of columbia's business school and economics department and their actual effectiveness at what they do is a vast, vast canyon. they _completely missed the boat on forecasting the biggest economic storm in their lifetimes_. and now some old gwbush republican dean is trotting out decades old tired strategies for fixing up the economy... please...

    post again when you have to say something about someone with a clue, like nouriel roubini. if he or anyone like him is never coming to columbia, then lets just not post about the economics department or bschool at all, okay? the mediocrity is just plain depressing.

    • Disillusionment  

      It wasn't in these dept's interest to accurately forecast the crisis. Their interests are to use this institution's name and reputation to give intellectual credence to the policies and practices that are systematically redistributing wealth to the top. Most, not all, are sycophants to the financial industry.

      No other discipline hides ideology behind a hardcover "textbook" the way economics does, as if these ideas were somehow as rigorous and infallible as the laws of physics. Since nobody opens their Principles textbook anyway, that's not necessarily a problem though...

  4. hmm

    What I find interesting is how Romney, presumably an expert in the field, felt that he needed the imprimatur and perhaps the advice of some other authority in order to present a plan.

  5. Anonymous

    Another supply side asshole...................

  6. Anonymous

    is he related to the esteemed founder of scientology?

  7. Anonymous  

    one step closer to obama getting the fuck outta here

  8. Anonymous

    Is this the guy who agreed to do an interview for Inside Job, then made a big deal about not having to answer any questions? Meh, it's not like Romney is going to make it through the primaries.

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