Drinking with Bwog: The Wuwu

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Congratulations friends, you just survived your first week of classes! And yeah, you probably didn’t have any real work to do, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a cause for celebration. So gather your floor/suitemates together for some good ol’ community buildingā€”Drinking with Bwog will take care of the libations. This week, the Columbia Bartending Agency’s managing director Elliott Grieco will show you how to make a Wuwu (we promise the name will sound even funnier when you’re drunk).

This could be you, but in EC.

When you’re bonding with friends, a round of Wuwus is always a good way to lighten the mood and rally up someĀ esprit de corps. It’s fruity and super simple to make. And unlike some more complicated cocktails, you really can’t go wrong.


1 oz. vodka
Ā½ oz. peach schnapps
Ā½ oz. cranberry juice

Mix the vodka, schnapps, and cranberry juice (in a 2:1:1 ratio, for the measurement-challenged) in an ice-filled Boston shaker, and serve the mixture into standard size shot glasses.

Conveniently, this drink is nothing if not versatileā€”withĀ only the addition of orange juice, you’ll be completely stocked to make a Sex on the Beach, a Fuzzy Navel, a Hairy Navel, or a Cape Codder (a.k.a. “Cranberry Vodka”).

Still, a brief note of caution: even though it doesn’t taste strong, a single WuWu shot contains roughly theĀ same amount of alcohol as a beer or glass of wine, so…just don’t be stupid, okay?

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  1. This is  

    quite possibly the best drink ever.

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  5. WGWAG Hunter

    Quick! NAme all the white girl / asian guy couples on campus!

    you may name alumni too.

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    Gary Storm would not approve.

  8. Bubb Rubb

    WUUUU WUUUU!!!!!

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