Fun Fun Fun Run

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As promised, Bwog dragged itself out of bed for the 10th annual Fun Run earlier this morning to report on the University’s attempt to include us less able-bodied in the athletic community. PrezBo himself was truckin’ along in a shuffle, working up a sweat alongside the students, his hair uncharacteristically unkempt, his Timex at the ready. Bwog caught up to him at the first turnaround and couldn’t help looking him in the face.

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  1. CC'11

    Somewhere in Texas, a recent alum sobs violently.

    Goddammit, why do I keep hurting myself by coming here!

  2. Ummm  

    Where are the pictures of scantily clad swimmers with amazing bodies?

  3. damn son

    whos the well dressed chick on the left with the scarf and shit?!

    what's her number? i've met over 500 girls this semester already. none of them are as cute as her. where do i meet cute females like that on the CU campus??

    - SEAS ' 11
    - Columbia Law '14
    - Former Student Athlete

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