How Soon They Learn

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Bwog really and truly received this email from a curious freshperson.

Dear Bwog,

I’m new here, CC ’15, and I was wondering whether it is normal that there is a stench in Butler’s 4th floor near the elevators so terrible it is as if the books themselves have died and now reek of rottingbook flesh. If this is not normal, then my tip is that the 4th floor of Butler, near the elevators, smells so terrible that it is as if the books themselves have died and now reek of rotting book flesh.

Indeed, dear freshling, ’tis true. The Milstein Reading room persistently reeks. Facilities assured us they have investigated the strange smell to no avail. Conspiracy theories abound. We’ve heard the stench described as vomit-like and sulfuric, but hats off to you for your ingenious graphic account, and for making upperclassmen feel old and weirdly nostalgic.

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  1. Anonymous

    its the asians.

  2. Anonymous

    probs the anti-bedbug fumes

  3. hmm

    I suspect a dead rodent in an air duct.

  4. Anonymous  

    theyre warm and tasty too!

  5. CC'13  

    i cannot believe this thread exists. really, columbia?

  6. Anonymous

    chemicals to preserve the periodicals

  7. calm down folks

    I'm Asian, and even I know the 4th floor stench is because it's freaking Chinatown over there. It's not racist if it's the truth.

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