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At 3:05am, the comment below from “Anonymous” appeared on our nickname contest post. Soon after, Dean Valentini (unsolicited) confirmed in an e-mail to Bwog that this comment is authentic and the offer genuine.

Yes, this really is the Dean posting. I think a Milano sandwich is way too small a prize for the winner of a contest as personally important to me as this one. So, I am adding to the prize. The winner––however decided and identified––gets to have that Milano sandwich at lunch with the Dean, and gets to have his/her picture taken with the Dean holding a brass name plate engraved with the winning suggestion. Said name plate will then reside on the Dean’s desk; said picture will be given to Bwog for posting.

However, the hug has to come from someone else.



DEAL. We’ve chosen some of the best suggestions from the comments, and it’s up to you now to vote in the poll on the right. Once a winner has been determined, we will ask the winning commenter to contact us and verify that they indeed posted the comment. Polls close next Sunday at 5pm!

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  1. romantic

    post deadline, I know. But still:

    Valentine Jay,

    or Valentines J.

  2. Anonymous  

    Only issue is... won't it be hard to find the one person who proposed each name? The comments are anonymous, won't everyone come forward and say it was them?

    Also... I'm starting to like this guy. :)

  3. mom

    how about a recyclable, reusable, egalitarian and inoffensive nickname? i suggest "nudean" (pron. new-dean, for those wondering). each successive new dean could have the first syllable of her/his name attached, such as "nudean val" for valentini. moody-adams would have been "nudean mood".

  4. Anonymous


    or DJeani!!!

  5. Anonymous  

    SERIOUSLY, GUYS!!!!!!!

    VAJJ is hilarious.... and no, I am not the one who submitted the name. but props to whoever did

    • Thanks, broski  

      For the record, I also submitted J-Tini (track button can testify to that). I don't expect either to win though - especially with Deantini out there, absolutely dominating.

      Valentini's name lends itself to some awesome nicknames, and I'm glad that our community is both creative and ambitious enough to jump on the opportunity.

  6. Anonymous  

    What? Deantini is evolving!
    Deantini evolved into Deangonair!

  7. Deangonair  

    sounds really gross and superficial. Deantini ftw

  8. Anonymous  

    What about DJ Valentini?

  9. Anonymous


  10. Anonymous

    but seriously, he's gotta be one of the coolest deans ever. why didnt they chose him instead of moody-adams in the first place?

  11. Deantini  

    Is turning out to be pretty cool!!

  12. Anonymous  

    too many syllables. deantini is smooth, like my martinis! which leads to my next question... what ingredients shall i use to make a deantini next week? 2oz platinum, 1oz gold?

  13. Peeves  

    Eeny meeny Valentini

  14. Anonymous  

    Aw man, I really wanted Valendeani.

  15. K

    Oh how I adore Valentini. What a great guy. He made me like gchem1.... Do his new dean responsibilities mean he won't be teaching anymore?

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