CCSC: Fresh Start Edition

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The new CCSC is looking to freshen up its image. We recommend Febreeze.

CCSC met formally for the first time of the year. Seasoned student council buff Brian Wagner and our newest addition to the bureau, Maren Killackey, CC’15, were there to smile and wave politely.

  • The new student council, led by President Aki Terasaki, introduced themselves to each other and onlookers. To get to know each other “slightly better,” they played a game of bingo using random facts about each other as squares. Amidst jealous cries from the excluded unelected first-year candidates, a winner emerged, and it was time to get down to business. Well, after cookies.
  • The first issue faced by the council regarded funding for student groups. VP—Funding Kevin Zhai gave a presentation on how best to deal with recurring co-sponsorships for student groups. Previously, some governing boards had been caught holding onto a bit of the cash for themselves, which made CCSC a little uneasy. To remedy this, the Council presented three options: not granting funds at all, giving the funds to the governing boards with increased oversight, or giving the money to the joint cosponsorship committee to handle. A formal resolution will be drafted in the coming weeks, but a quick straw poll showed that council members favored option 2.
  • Aki then went on to discuss some of the new strategies and goals of this year’s council. The main focus, as promised during elections, is increasing communication and outreach with the general student body. This includes a fancy new website, more advertising and branding, student polls, and new office hours in which any CC student can come and voice concerns directly to members of the E-Board. They also promised to look out for the College’s best interests in the wake of Moodygate. After a brief rehashing of council rules, the meeting ended in record time.

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