Dreams Really Do Come True: The Cash Cab Was Here

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Fact: Bwog’s life goal is to be on Cash Cab.

Alas, it was some else’s lucky day. At approximately 7:45pm last night, a tipster spotted the van of dreams outside of NoCo on 119th and Broadway. The Cash Cab has come ’round our fair hood before, but this is the closest we’ve vicariously gotten to the quiz show’s adorable host, Ben Bailey.

Don’t crush our dreams and tell us those unassuming contestants are pre-screened. And, just for the record, we’d totally take the video bonus. Go big or go home.

PS Apparently one of the production assistants (the one who gets to sit in the passenger seat with the camera) just graduated from CC. #jobsforhumanitiesmajors.


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  1. Anonymous  

    the fuck is a cashcab

  2. Anonymous  

    #jobsforhumanitiesmajors is the best hashtag ever.

  3. !!!  


  4. There is screening but

    they don't know their getting in the cash cab. They are selected and screened for a quiz show and fill out all the paperwork. Then, the people that screened the contestants hail "a cab" for them to go to the studio. That's why the distances are always about the same (the start and end points are controlled by the studio) and why the reactions range from WTF to "oh I get it but I get it but I should act surprised."

  5. CC 11

    Whyyyyy did I graduate and move To fucking missouri? My life is not complete without an appearance on Cash Cab.

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