Pretty Darn Close to a Free Lunch

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The joys of dumplings

The season of free food (when student groups actually have time to plan and realize their events) is in full swing. Live at Lerner presents a luncheon concert, pairing heaps of foods with the croonings of Jake Snider. For the price of one swipe into Lerner, you can access these things from 12:15 – 1:15. They claim to have so much grub that “it’ll probably last.” Go prove them wrong!

Menu: Sweet and sour chicken, vegetable dumplings, vegetarian lo mein, fortune cookies, and delicious delicious pineapple.

Less free dumplings via Wikimedia

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    Is it broken? I haven’t seen any updates since the September 7th “Columbians Recount Terrifying Parade Shooting” post.

  2. Anonymous  

    noooo i missed this

  3. Anonymous  

    I propose that from now on we refer to it as "vegetables dumpling," like "secretaries general" or "attorneys-at-law". Thank you.

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