Dean Valentini Embraces Multimedia

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As promised, Columbia College’s interim dean, James Valentini, just released a video to the Columbia community. For about ten minutes, he explains why he is dean, his vision for the College, his bit part in this Prangstgrüp video, and how he cringes at some parts of Bwog (don’t worry, we do too). Valentini assures us of his dedication to undergraduates and that the College is in great shape. On being interim dean he explains, “The opportunities the Dean has do not depend on the length of the service but on the depth of his commitment to the College and the breadth of the support he/she enjoys with the College community.”

He promises further engagement with students—we just hope there are more videos to come. Thanks for caring about us, [dean to be nicknamed]!

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  1. Anonymous  

    what a friendly guy

  2. Anonymous  

    I feel like Valentini is already a nickname! A lovable martini. Or a martini for that special someone on that special day. A valentini for my valentine!

  3. ...  

    hi dean valentini...

    wanna know how to be awesome? talk to the libraries and public safety about making the new science/engineering library available as a late night study hall. enrollment has increased, and while the new building opens up additional space, butler still gets crunched for space in the evenings when the other libraries start closing. all it would take is posting a guard in there 11p-4a... you could be like, a real american hero!


  4. Anonymous  

    this guy is truly amazing. i had him as a teacher and have been to a couple seminars he spoke at; he has some really great ideas and is a warm, gregarious, and sincere person. granted, i know very little about fundraising and those aspects of the job, but from what i do know i'd love it if they took the "interim" off his title.

  5. Fun Drinking Game

    Take a shot every time he says, "community."

  6. adele

    i dont like whoever wrote this thing. yes its personal

  7. Anonymous  

    I still like Valedeani as a nickname. Why is that not a choice in the ballot?

  8. Anonymous

    someone make him permanent dean.


  9. OK

    The messaging is clearly on point. Whether genuine, or just PR (history and all other indications suggest it's the former), it draws attention away from the underlying issues: how much power will the Dean of CC have to implement whatever vision he has, or will he just turn into another CCSC - symbolic, tries hard, passes resolutions, but can't actually effect any change without the cooperation of higher-ups.

    Remember folks, Constant Vigilance!

  10. notice that

    he's blinking out "torture" in morse code

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