Drinking with Bwog: The Limona Corona

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Take it to the next level.

So you’ve just finished your first week of “real” classes (unless you’re one of those poor suckers with class on Fridays…you have our sympathies), you’re exhausted, and you really need a drink. Drinking with Bwog is here to help. Read on, lazy Columbians, as the Columbia Bartending Agency’s Matt Kalish teaches you to make the easiest drink ever.

There are a lot of really complex drinks out there, but this isn’t one of them. In fact, most people have the ingredients for this drink already sitting in their kitchen. For the beer and rum lovers of Columbia looking for something refreshing on a hot day, this will do the trick.


  • One 12 oz. bottle of Corona
  • 1.5 oz. Bacardi Limón
  • Lime wedges


Open a Corona and drink it down to the bottom of the bottle’s neck. Pour in a shot (roughly 1.5 oz) of Bacardi Limón directly into the Corona bottle. Plug the top with your palm or thumb and turn the bottle upside down to mix. Turn the bottle upright, throw in a wedge of lime, and drink. It’s that simple.

Note: If you don’t have flavored vodka rum readily available, create your own Bacardi Limón by simply adding Rose’s lime juice to any regular rum.

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  1. Alcohol connoisseur  

    Dear Bwog,

    Bacardi Limón is flavored rum, not vodka.

    Drunky McGee

  2. I don't care what you mix it with  

    Corona will always taste like piss.

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