Panic! at the NoCo

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Bwog has just received a flurry of tips reporting unsettling activities around NoCo. Public Safety declined to comment, but the situation appears to be resolved. Helicopters were spotted above the north side of campus, and NoCo was evacuated, apparently due to a fire that broke out where construction was going on.

Joe was also temporarily closed because of a flood in their store room. Bwog’s Chief Joe Rat Alex Jones spoke to the manager who believed the room was drenched because of a fire alarm. Others mentioned hearing sirens up by 120th St. Jones reports that the baristas “almost immediately put back on their fedoras and started serving.” And the elevators are not working. Panic!

Update, 8:00 pm: Here are some photos of the damaged construction site.

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  1. Bwog,  

    headlines like this are why I love you.

  2. Anonymous  

    the coffee at joe's sucks, anyway.

  3. Anonymous  

    no no no. don't make it Deantini. Valendeani is so much better!!

  4. I am shocked  

    This is total carnage, will noco ever recover?

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