Bwoglines: Wearing Sunglasses in Butler to Hide the World from Your Hangover Edition

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Woah… How did it become Sunday?? Whatever. Let’s putz around the internet for a while.

Ron Paul outright won the CA GOP straw poll. Do we congratulate him or resent a political system where 833 random opinions matter? (CNN)

Don’t really know if Fashion Week just ended or is still going on, but here is a gallery of some weird fashion stuff. (

Holy Shit, Guys. Netflix ain’t doing so great financially. You have a moral obligation to watch as much Netflix as possible over the next few weeks. When else in life can you so easily justify laziness? (Huff Po)

New York didn’t make it into the top ten richest states, according to 2010 census data. New Jersey and Connecticut are no. 3 and 2 respectively. (24/7 Wall Street)

Arnold via Philip Chiappini.

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  1. Anonymous

    lazy sunday will never not be cool

  2. Fuck Netflix.  

    They deserve what they're getting. This is what happens when you raise your prices 60%. People leave, and your company gets fucked. Serves them right.

  3. Anonymous

    Some of those fluoresencts are placed very inconveniently.

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