Spotted Horses Spotted on Broadway

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Update: Tipsters tell Bwog that there was a Federation of Black Cowboys parade in Harlem today. While Bwog can’t independently confirm that claim, it sure makes for a great story.

Update 2: The Federation of Black Cowboys accidentally loosed one of their horses around 110th and Broadway. No one was hurt.

All the pretty horses tipped by Alex

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  1. Anonymous  

    Apparently one of the horses just got loose and police had to stop traffic on 110th to chase it! And I'm missing it because I'm inside watching Human Centipede.

  2. Anonymous  

    They are in Riverside now. Camera crew, horses, and police...lots of police.

  3. Anonymous  

    It's the African American Day Parade, in which the black cowboys participate. This is an annual event. Why doesn't Bwog know about it?

    Also, the statement "it sure makes for a great story" doesn't really make sense, because Bwog provided basically no story at all.

  4. walked  

    walked through the event and learned what was going on from asking one (1) policeman. perhaps if you committed the same amount of time that you give to finding pictures of cute animals to actually finding out what's going on in/around morningside you'd actually recover some credibility

  5. hey guys

    I'm in a bad mood so i thumbs downed everyone's comment.

  6. Hey guys

    I'm in a good mood and I like horses so I thumbed up everyone's post

  7. i think  

    that's as trojan as horseriders could possibly get...

  8. ramshacklerodeo

    Get bigger ponies.

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