2011 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

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The 2011 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is now available. Per VP of Public Safety James McShames’ email, the report contains “information about crime prevention programs, fire safety procedures and other resources critical to the safety and security of our campus community.” 

It also contains statistics about crimes over the last three years on and around campus, not including Barnard, Teachers College, Union Theological Seminary and Jewish Theological Seminary who compile their own statistics.  The statistics are broken down by location into residence hall, on-campus, and non-campus:

A few notable things about on-campus crime:

  • It seems as if there has been an overall decrease in campus crime over the last three years.
  • Offenses relating to drugs, alcohol and burglaries were most frequently reported. Disciplinary action related to alcohol peaked in 2009 at 223 incidents, and fell to 189 in 2010.
  • Arrests relating to drugs shot up from 0 to 10, while disciplinary action relating to drugs also increased from 91 in 2008 to 113 in 2010.
  • Burglaries saw a steady fall over the three years from 87 to 26.

You can view the report here or pick up a copy from Public Safety.

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  1. Anonymous

    One on-campus arson? Whoa. That's kind of badass.

  2. Just wondering,  

    what constitutes a non-forcible sexual offense?

  3. Innocent Freshman  

    Bwog, why can't I like/dislike certain comments at different times?

  4. I was  

    wondering that as well.

  5. Anonymous  

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  6. Anonymous

    We were safer before mickey Soviet unionized the staff in 1984 with the help of ARA's Barry Obama.

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