Water, Water Everywhere

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Or at least on College Walk! Public Safety can’t take it all to the office so they’re handing it out for free while supplies last.

... and many drops to drinkUpdate: Apparently, Public Safety managed to reel it all into their office. No more water!

Which is kind of a shame, considering it looks like some freshmen in JJ15 could use some.

…nor any drop to drink


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  1. Wien Water  

    also looks nasty as shit right now. Whats going on???

  2. Bwog, I love you  

    ...for knowing your Coleridge. Erik Gray power!

  3. Well,  

    it's about time these freshmen learned what sort of school they signed on for.

  4. Anonymous

    Columbia is on the nexus of the NYC water supply but our wonderful neighbors are experts in backflowing toilets.

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