Fall CCSC Election Results Are In

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After many weeks of poorly-punned posters and unlikely campaign promises, the ballots are all counted!

2012 Class Rep: Wesley Yip

2013 Class Rep: Alex Jasiulek

2013 President: Ryan Mandelbaum

2015: Crown took this one, with party members Jared Odessky, Erin Bilir, Liam Bland and Katie Angulo elected Prez, VP and Reps, respectively. Loxley Bennett also nabbed the 2015 Class Rep spot.

Bwog extends our warm congratulations to all of the winners and looks forward to the free food you promised us.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Except Liam, Jared and Loxley are all 2015.

  2. REPENT  

    2015 is really dumb enough to elect those lunatics from that video?

  3. Corrections  

    *It's spelled Jasiulek

    *Loxley is a 2015 rep

  4. 2013

    jared odessky won? that kid honestly seems like a huge arrogant tool. good job freshmen class

  5. CC '13  

    Ryan Mandelbaum, make my junior year great and get Hoodie Allen to perform here!

  6. Anonymous  

    Mario Rosser will always be my president. Both recent CC'13 winners faltered (or rather SUNK) in his presence last spring.

  7. Anonymous  

    LOXLLEEYYYYYYY MA represent. stangs do it and they do it well

  8. Anonymous  

    I really think the opposite. Hoodie isn't signed and is relatively underground (in terms of popularity, not genre), whereas Childish was signed recently.

    But I'll let you do you Mr. President!

  9. alex 2014  

    ryan i love you and want to have yo babies. cant wait to get your emails forwarded to me

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