Overseen: Some BAMF parked his LOLS-ROYCE on Broadway

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  1. cool story bro

    this winter i'm driving up my audi from my house in philly to move my shit.
    you will all witness my real bamf license plates that say "FUH-Q"

    ....and before some of you jackasses jump on me for being a rich boy with an audi (although such jumps on real rich spoiled brats are definitely welcome and appreciated), i made the cash on my own with my own business i started in HS and expanded through college. so fuck you haters. oh and FUH-Q.

    that is all. peace, love, niggaz.

  2. Anonymous

    Unless ur Rollin an r8 you ain't got nothing to brag about except how you spent 2 hours last night trying to find street parking. Owning a Audi doesn't make u appear rich u foolio, well maybe to the 16 yo old high school kids you pass when your rolling through your old high school parking lot this winter.

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