1. Anonymous

    probably the gayest thing ever

  2. what dance?

    sorry wasn't paying attention to anyone dancing. i was observing the hot tanned asian girl near the beginning, the super cute blonde, and the cute short-haired quirky girl at the end. makes me miss columbia and cute college women :(

    - columbia alum '11 working in finance.

  3. Anonymous  

    ...this video is really creepy.

  4. Anonymous  

    My favorite part about this video is that absolutely no one seems to notice (other than the person filming).


      this is columbia.
      we're all ambitious young people:
      i got places to go.
      classes to hammer.
      career fairs to crash.
      midtown internships to rock.
      foreign languages to learn.
      a girlfriend who needs to be fucked for the day.
      worrying about a future family to raise.
      worrying about the economy/if my loans will be paid off after i graduate.
      new skills to learn.

      look, when i walk, i walk fast. i dont give a flying elephant couple's fuck about my surroundings unless i run into said girlfriend or friends to nod my head at, esp not some interpretive dance bullshit. i've seen weirder things in new york city. this is just childsplay.

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