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All those pipes, but where could they lead to?

Several tipsters have noticed Facilities personnel knee-deep in a series of mysterious earthworks on South Field. Bwog is ridden with more questions than it can answer. Could these pipes be water related? Poop-bearing? Electrical or steam conducting? The Core doesn’t teach us to make these distinctions.

Update (6:01 pm) : Facilities has informed us that the pipes will house power cables for an electrical box nearby. No word yet on what (or who?!) may need all the extra wattage.

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  1. silly people

    as an alum you learn asinine facts like a power box would be helpful for convocation/commencement/alum parties/etc--they have to string ugly wires every time people graduate for all the projections, tv's, lights, etc...

    also, perhaps you may know this already, but South Lawn & surrounds are manicured by the movie Ghostbusters royalties. wonder if piping is already paid for?

  2. Anonymous  

    it's a cover. don't believe their lies. they're really going to be used to carry a slurry made from the remnants of broken dreams and stolen souls captured in butler to bollinger's minibar in low, from which he will make delicious power-giving cocktails that he and his inner circle will sip while smoking cigars and brainstorming about new and innovative ways to position the college less centrally within the faculty of arts and sciences.

  3. Omg

    the tags on this post are so great

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